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In a bid to understand the electricity and the technology behind electricity production, distribution and marketing, I am planning to write a series of articles which is my research in this area. I also plan to dive deep into the financial aspects of the energy market.

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Picture credit - AASNOVA
Picture Credit - AAS Nova

Astronomy, the science of the physical universe is limited only by human perception. We have been able to explore our surroundings based on what we perceive as the physical universe. The guide for this perception is electromagnetic radiation, and anything beyond the boundaries of electromagnetic radiation is an unknown to the human species.

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There are a number of blogs on the internet referencing Nick Bostrom’s famous Youtube video and Elon Musk’s comment of what discussion he bars from his hot-tub and they use that as the pre-cursor to explain why you should start thinking twice about reality and explore a real opportunity of your world being a simulation.

Like most ordinary people I was blown away by the idea that my life could be a simulation when I listened to these gentlemen speak on this topic and my curiosity in this area of the unknown increased. This article is my take/view on all of the hype surrounding the simulation hypothesis.

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